“very helpful in both educating and guiding me through the process”

Andrea from DXC Medical Recruitment was very helpful in both educating and guiding me through the process of commencing my first position in General Practice.  Her professionalism and genuine concern to make sure that the placement suited both myself and the practice was greatly appreciated.  She was prompt, efficient and presented me with multiple options.   I would highly recommend her.

“Helped me to find a job that exactly matched my requirements”

Darren is the best recruiter that I have ever met! He helped me enormously to find a job within a few weeks of our first meeting. Darren provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. He helped me to find a job that exactly matched my requirements. Darren is always ready to go above and beyond in providing his friendly professional service even after I started my new job. I still receive his support while working at my new place and he guides me through my professional development. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get into a GP role.

Provides the best recruitment service for GPs

Provides the best service for GPs. Darren, the CEO of DXC Medical is simply amazing, considers and assesses each individual's needs and personal preferences and matches accordingly to suit the best option out of all. Helping out in every way even after the settlement. DXC Medical Recruitment provide a highly impressive service.


I much appreciate Darren's effort and dedication for placing me at my current clinic. Moving from the country to Sydney it was fairly daunting finding a home clinic, and now I am happily working in the CBD area. He is very patient and answered all of my questions and concerns. Darren took the time to understand my requirements of a practice and right practice ethos. I never felt I was being pushed a clinic onto me. I am so happy after 1 month into work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Provides the best service and outcomes for GPs

Andrea Douglas of DXC Medical has worked in the primary care sector in Brisbane North for many years. This has given her a deep understanding and knowledge of the local medical ecosystem. I completely recommend Andrea to provide the best service and outcomes for health practitioners and local practices. Thank you Andrea!

Very professional, organized and reliable

DXC medical has been very helpful in getting my GP job. Darren is very professional, organized and reliable. He really knows the ins and outs of GP recruitment and guides you at all times. He does great in assuring that all problems encountered throughout the process are dealt with immediately. I highly recommend Darren and DXC Medical.

Darren is an inspirational recruiter.

Darren is an inspirational recruiter. His work enabled a seamless transition for myself and three other female GPs to a new local practice. As a result, the whole process was executed professionally and with great communication and advice.  

Excellent advice regarding pathways to fellowship

Darren sourced the location and community that best suited our professional and personal requirements. As a result, this ensured we quickly became fellows of the RACGP and met the needs of our young family. Darren provided excellent advice regarding pathways to fellowship ensured we were able to understand the various pathways to fellowship and choose the one (RVTS) that most suited our needs.  

Darren made the process so easy

My colleague recommended Darren to help me make the transition from hospital jobs to GP land. Darren made it so easy to go through the whole process from finding the right practice and in the right location, which also leads toward fellowship in the future. He is very professional and understands individual requirements such as visa and location restrictions, various GP training pathways etc. He is always happy to answer questions and will support you further as you move forward. Being a beginner in GP land I had no issues and would highly recommend Darren and DXC to any doctor.

Darren took care of ALL of the paperwork

Darren found me a position in Melbourne quickly and easily the move was very easy and he took care of the paperwork for which I am grateful. I recommend DXC medical recruitment 100%

Excellent knowledge of RLRP and fellowship pathways

Darren at DXC Medical recruitment helped me to get into my first GP position in Australia. He has excellent knowledge of RLRP, fellowship pathways and Medicare provider number access. I do not hesitate to recommend Darren and DXC Medical recruitment to any Doctor.

Darren is so helpful and caring.

Darren supported me a lot throughout the long journey of finding a suitable job in Australia. He facilitated all of the associated arrangements, including; family arrangements and preparation for licencing exams. I believe he spares no time or effort to help. I'd strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a medical job in Australia.

Worked tirelessly to facilitate our move from the UK

Darren is proactive, responsive and a pleasure to work with and he worked tirelessly to facilitate our move from the UK. His insight and knowledge ensured I was able to secure a 19AB Teaching Exemption to continue my passion for training. Nothing was too much trouble and he was always contactable and excellent to communicate with. Even with an 11 hour time difference.

Individualised service

Darren at DXC found locum work for me earlier this year while I was in between jobs. It was the first time I was doing locum work so there were a few things I was unsure of. Darren was very quick at answering questions and sorting out any issues I had. I really appreciated the individualised service and would certainly recommend DXC for anyone looking for short or long term work.

Understands the values of family & psychology of IMG’S

Darren is excellent. I worked with other medical recruitment team, but the main difference between Darren and other recruiters is that he is very friendly, understands the values of family & psychology of International Medical Graduates .If possible I will give him 100 stars .

Provided outstanding support and advice for our workforce planning

I have had the pleasure of working with Darren since 2014. He ensured my own transition from New Zealand was smooth and seamless for the my family and I.  Darren has provided outstanding support and advice for our workforce planning and is always available to discuss our needs and challenges. What I appreciate about Darren is his ability to sort things out. He is up front and honest telling you how things are rather than necessarily what you want to hear. He is proactive with finding solutions rather than having issues fester. He has the ability to juggle numerous complex tasks while pleasantly going about his business.  

Darren provided invaluable support through the recruitment process

of my GP training.  He has also been pivotal in helping me locate and secure my current employment.  In addition to his enthusiasm and passion, Darren's excellent interpersonal skills and caring nature are traits that make him stand out from the rest."

Excellent network of Rural Generalist contacts and experience

I’ve worked with Darren for the past 3 years.  He has been responsible for the recruitment of rural generalists into rural and remote Tasmanian communities/practices. He is a diligent worker and has managed the complex process with intent and purpose. During this time he successfully developed an excellent network of contacts to assist in this endeavour.