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Ensuring that Australia’s medical centres are fully-staffed depends on helping the right candidates to find open GP jobs in Sunshine Coast. Medicine is more than machines, and medical centres need to find qualified candidates who can help their patients to recover. Even highly capable GPs require assistance to find the perfect opportunity, whether for permanent or locum placement. We have developed a system that connects GPs to job openings for mutual success.

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Our successful approach to connecting qualified GPs with established medical centres has three aspects:

  • Personal – There’s only so much that a resume or facility description can tell you. Rather than what’s stated, it’s often the intangibles that determine whether a placement is a good fit. Rather than leaving things to chance or risking a connection between two parties that won’t blend, we build a genuine connection and rapport with both sides.
  • Proactive – We don’t believe in a hands-off approach to connecting medical professionals. The job isn’t finished until both parties are comfortable with the placement, so we remain actively engaged in facilitating discussions and streamlining communication. The result is a more effective, swifter process.
  • Quality – Trust is essential for the process, so we carefully screen all GPs and medical centres to ensure that they measure up to the high standards expected in the medical field. We believe that each party should be able to expect professionalism and capability from the other, so when we make an introduction, we have already vouched for each side’s integrity.

Common Mistakes People Make When Looking for VR GP Jobs in Sunshine Coast

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We formed this company to address significant errors and delays in the medical job placement field. Several consistent issues were:

  • Ignoring the opportunities presented by DPA GP jobs in Sunshine Coast. The District of Workforce Designation is a key component of determining how urgently a placement is needed. Some qualified candidates were prolonging their search by neglecting this helpful determination provided by the Australian Government.
  • Relying on traditional methods alone. While older methods worked to facilitate some connections between GPs and medical centres, the timeframe often caused problems for both parties and the patients that they serve.
  • Relying only on written or telephone communication instead of an in-person connection. The degree of commitment that it takes to pursue positions often inconvenienced both GPs and medical centres, especially when the match proved to be problematic.

Let us help you avoid all these errors with a tried-and-tested method that benefits both GPs and medical centres.

The History of DXC Medical Recruitment

Since we started offering our connection service at the beginning of 2018, we’ve established a consistent track record of connecting quality GPs with medical centres in need. With our assistance, more than 50 permanent and 12 locum or fixed-term placements have been made across Australia. Contact us to start the process of connecting with the perfect candidate or medical centre to suit your needs.