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Of the many available GP jobs in Sydney, which one will allow you to put your skills to good use and feel the most fulfilled at the end of the day? At DXC Medical Recruitment, we make it our job to help doctors such as yourself answer that question with as little hassle as possible. After you discuss your needs, goals, and requirements with our one of our experienced consultants, we can cast a wide net to bring in as many viable options for you as possible. Because this service is entirely free to practitioners looking for VR GP jobs in Sydney, you can enjoy a simpler, clearer path to your next position.


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About DXC Medical Recruitment

Who are we? It’s the natural question to ask when you’re considering a partnership that could lead to the next major step in your medical career. Though our business may be innovative, we’re not new to the industry: behind DXC Medical Recruitment is a talented and knowledgeable team with more than a decade and a half of experience in permanent and locum GP recruitment operations. Both for medical centre service providers and external medical recruitment agencies. As your partner, we provide:

  • A service run by an experienced, motivated group skilled in navigating the intricacies of the recruitment process. When working alongside the DXC Medical Recruitment team, you will enjoy highly personal service that treats you as the individual you are—not merely a set of qualifications. Where you want to go and your primary care philosophy and values matters to us.
  • A fast-moving service that removes as much uncertainty from your job search as possible. A proactive approach to every task is a hallmark of the work that we do for our clients.
  • Involved and attentive efforts that include on-the-ground work intended to enhance your confidence in our suggestions. This benefit includes our team visiting medical centres and having discussions with the professionals who work there so that we can better understand the culture of each centre.

Statistics on GP Recruitment in Sydney by DXC Medical Recruitment That You Need to Know

Interested in looking at some numbers to back up these claims and help guide your decision? Here are some of the key stats about our business:

  • More than 50 permanent placements for GPs across the country over only one year of operation. With our average of several successful placements per month, it should be easy to see that we ensure that proper placements are our priority.
  • A dozen locum placements and counting, representing an important option for both practitioners and clinics. Understanding that not everyone can or wants to stay in the same place forever, we’re flexible enough to provide job placements that suit your needs.
  • Fifteen years of service experience under one 6-step process. Clear milestones and thorough communication ensure that you always know what comes next.
  • Over 30 FIVE STAR google reviews from our satisfied customers (medical centres and GPs) that further demonstrate the support we provide and our PERSONAL, PROACTIVE and QUALITY values.

Why Trust DXC Medical Recruitment with Placement for DWS GP Jobs?

With the ever-changing DWS landscape in Australia it is important that our clients and candidates have confidence in our understanding of Section 19AB (DWS) of the Health Act.

We work closely with the Department of Health to ensure we provide the latest advice and support to GPs and medical centres to help them solve their job / GP search requirements. This includes the wide range of exemptions, including; 6 month Locum Exemptions; Academic Exemptions; Spousal Exemptions etc.

If your medical centre was previously in a DWS location, we can provide you with an accurate assessment of whether you are eligible for a ‘DWS replacement provision’ and how to protect these valuable provisions should a GP leave your practice.

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